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How it works

The Agreement

After reviewing your desires with Colorado Catering Company, we will prepare a proposal. Once the proposal has been accepted, or revised and accepted, a contract will be signed and deposits paid securing the services of Colorado Catering Company. You still remain free to make modifications, change your mind on menu or revise your numbers.

Changes will be discussed at the time of your changes. Final payment is due five business days before the wedding.

Five days prior to your event, you will need to establish a final guest count as food must be ordered, staff arranged and final plans for the event must be completed. From that point forward you may increase your numbers but not drop below your final guarantee as food has been purchased.


Whether you are serving beer and wine or have a full bar and specialty drinks, Colorado Catering Company can take charge of all the provisions.

In Colorado, caterers cannot sell you liquor but we will handle all of the arrangements--placing the order, having it delivered, providing all bar supplies, setting up the bars and pouring drinks.This is to your advantage as there is no corkage fee or additional per-drink charges for the liquor. We work with liquor purveyors who take back unopened bottles so that you pay only for what your guests consume and what you wish to keep.

You will also want to keep in mind beverages for non-alcohol drinkers. We can provide non-alcoholic beer and wine as well as soft drinks, sparkling waters or Fruit Punch.

My Reception

What services will you provide for my reception?

Colorado Catering Company is a full service caterer. That means we will manage all details so you are free to enjoy the most memorable day of your life! We will coordinate the arrival times with florists, DJs, bakers, arrange for all rentals and prepare an appetizing meal. We will take care of all set-up, striking and all clean up of your reception facility so that your only obligation will be to enjoy yourself and begin the most exciting chapter of your life.

Our services include set-up, serving the meal, cutting and serving your wedding cake, pouring and passing the champagne for the toast and a Captain throughout your event seeing to every minute detail of your guests and your own personal needs.

All your service staff adhere to our high standards of appropriate dress (black slacks, white dress shirt with tie and matching black dress shoes and stockings). Your service personnel must graduate from our comprehensive training school and are certified before they serve at your event.

Colorado Catering Company will provide you with the required amount of staff to properly service your event based on size, venue and your own requirements. You will feel comfortable that Colorado Catering Company will guide you through the myriad choices and decisions you will need to make.

We can also arrange any of the other services you may need for your perfect reception-- such as wedding cakes, DJs, centerpieces, floral arrangements, limousine services etc.

Menu Planning

Colorado Catering Company will tailor a menu to your specific desires. We have an extensive menu from which you may select, but you are never limited to that menu. We are masters at customizing and creating a menu just for you. Should you choose any of our packages (Hors d'Oeuvres Packages or Dinner Packages), you can make substitutions to conform to your tastes. If you have a favorite recipe we will incorporate it into your menu.

Colorado Catering is also prepared to meet special needs such as dietary restrictions or vegan preferences.

What time of day is your event? Receptions that fall between meal periods require less food and are, therefore, less expensive. If a reception falls during a meal period, people will make a meal of your hors d'Oeuvres. Thus you will need the same amount of food and so it wouldn't be any cheaper.

Service Styles

We will prepare your meal to be served butler, buffet or sit-down style. Butler style (passing the food) offers the greatest control of the food. A buffet offers a greater variety of food to your guests and they select how much they want. Buffets, also, require fewer serving people. A served meal, on the other hand requires more labor but offers greater elegance.

For all of the above items in a printable format

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